Money Train

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A vengeful New York transit cop decides to rob the 'money train' that carries the Transit Authority's daily proceeds; his foster brother, a fellow cop, must decide whether to prevent his crime or to join in on the heist.
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Goes nowhere fast.
August 07, 2004
Time Out
Hardly worth the four-year wait.
June 24, 2006
Capital Times (Madison, WI)
A loud and truly pointless action-comedy.
July 06, 2006
Washington Post
Even if they only charged a token, it would be too much.
January 01, 2000
Juicy Cerebellum
Snipes and Harrelson are still good together, but the screenplay stinks.
March 25, 2005
Film Threat
Harrelson and Snipes reproduce their onscreen magic from "White Men Can't Jump," even though no one asked them to
October 22, 2005
Shapeless buddy-action junk.
July 26, 2002
USA Today
It's stupid, but also breezier than the year's other 12-score releases not worth a second look.
January 01, 2000
Bounces along with a lame script and inconsistent pace.
March 26, 2009