The Thirteenth Floor

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In 1937, computer scientist Hannon Fuller has discovered something extremely important. When Fuller is murdered just as he begins premature testing of the VR system, his friend and protégé, Douglas Hall, becomes the primary suspect. The evidence against him is so strong that Hall begins to doubt his own innocence. The truth is harsher than he could ever imagine...
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Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL)
Rehashes every Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where the holodeck goes haywire.
May 30, 2003
Washington Post
The fascinating and the mysterious become the silly and occasionally comical.
January 01, 2000
New York Post
Let down by some mediocre acting, pedestrian dialogue and slow pacing!
January 01, 2000
Kalamazoo Gazette
based on the Daniel Galouye book "Simulacron 3," first published in the 1960s. ...High-tech and hippie-dippy philosophies go together about as well as chocolate ice cream and brown mustard.
July 03, 2003
As cold and sterile as a piece of machinery.
November 15, 2009
The makers of The Thirteenth Floor never figured out how to build a dramatically intriguing story around the concept!
January 01, 2000
Mr. Showbiz
Wildly uneven!
January 01, 2000
Chicago Tribune
Thirteenth Floor tries to be complex but is merely confusing.
January 01, 2000
Boston Globe
An overwrought but underwritten sci-fi item.
January 01, 2000