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When his former lover dies, a French policeman travels to Tokyo to take care of his estranged daughter. There he eventually finds out why his girlfriend left him and the reason becomes his and his new daughters problem.
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Action star (and fine dramatic actor) Jean Reno has fallen prey to the Action Comedy conceit and the result is the periodically entertaining, generally tiresome Wasabi.
November 11, 2003
There's little tension as Reno's character is one of those invincible heroes that we haven't seen much of since the '80s.
December 28, 2008
Seattle Times
Wasabi is slight fare indeed, with the entire project having the feel of something tossed off quickly (like one of Hubert's punches), but it should go down smoothly enough with popcorn.
October 04, 2002
I keep renting Jean Reno films and I'm beginning to forget why I started doing so.
May 26, 2004
Ozus' World Movie Reviews
A moronic action/comedy film.
November 09, 2003
Hollywood Reporter
The movie fails to live up to the sum of its parts.
February 05, 2003
Chicago Sun-Times
Reno does what he can in a thankless situation, the film ricochets from humor to violence and back again, and Ryoko Hirosue makes us wonder if she is always like that.
October 20, 2002
Chicago Tribune
Like being trapped inside a huge video game, where exciting, inane images keep popping past your head and the same illogical things keep happening over and over again.
October 17, 2002